Health and Healing

Three Smoothies to Power Your New Year

Tasty, portable, and healthy? That’s the way to start off the new year right! - Sleep Number Blog, January 2017

What to Do Right After You Throw Our Your Back

One wrong move followed by that dreaded pop, and you know—you’ve thrown out your back. Follow these simple steps immediately following an injury to hasten the healing. - Rodale’s Organic Life, January 2016

8 Tips for Bringing Food to a Loved One with Cancer

Providing food for a loved one with cancer is one of the best ways to help out. Here are some tips to make sure you're being as helpful as possible. - Guideposts.orgDecember 2015

7 Things That Happen When You Stop Weighing Yourself

You might stop the daily weigh-in habit after you read this. Or, you might hop back on the scale immediately! -, December 2015

10 Eating Mistakes You’re Making After Menopause

Weight gain and mood swings don’t have to be post-menopausal realities. Make the best food choices for this new phase of your life. - Prevention.comNovember 2015 

11 Healing Teas to Cure What Ails You

From head to toe, find out which curative herbal blends will soothe your body and soul.
- Rodale’s Organic Life, November 2015

5 Myths About Vitamin D You Keep Believing

There are probably many things you think you know about vitamin D, thanks to its oft-discussed status in conversations about everything from sunscreen to cancer. But can you tell truth from fiction? -, July 14, 2015 

5 Things to Discuss with Your Aging Parents Today

Early conversations with older parents can ease the process of planning for the future., April 2015

10 Ways for Moms to Stay Well in Cold and Flu Season

Simple but effective ways to keep your immune system properly boosted when the germs start flying., September 2014

21 Simple Ways to Be Healthy

Health doesn’t have to be complicated--sometimes it’s as simple as finding time for joy, getting into good habits...and singing in the shower.
-, 2009 

Facing Down the Breast Cancer Gene

If you learned you carried the gene for the cancer that violently killed your mother, what would you do?  Author Jessica Queller lets you inside her heart-wrenching decision.
- The Forward, March 27, 2008

Kathy Smith: ‘Fitness Saved My Life’

The workout queen and 1980s aerobics pioneer shares the moving story of how her father’s death inspired her to take the first step toward health and happiness.
-, 2008

The Healing Power of Tea

Sometimes a steamy cup of tea is more than a soothing beverage, it’s a full-on healing experience.  Learn how blacks, greens, whites, and herbals can rescue both your mind and body.
-, 2007