“All Things Considered” 

"A Life Apart: Reflections on a Husband's Deployment:"

Part 1: “Deployed,” - June 23, 2003
Part 2: “A Reservist’s Family,” - December 22, 2003
Part 3: “The Box,” -March 9, 2004
Part 4: “Husbands, Reservists in Limbo,” - August 17, 2004
Part 5: “Honorable Discharge,” -January 5, 2005

Additional NPR Commentaries

The Spiritual Spa: Can a seaweed wrap save my soul? - February 24, 2003

Taking Small Claims to Heart: The legal system just got personal. - October 4, 2004

Penetrating the Mystique of the Masons: Writing about this ancient order taught me about my own family. - May 15, 2006

An Airport Gets its Tree Up, but Misses an Opportunity: Why courage didn’t quite prevail at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. - December 12, 2006

More Essays and Commentary

I’m Inspired by My Grandmother’s Travels

My grandmother and her mother traveled the world between the two world wars. Their sense of wonder at the beauty of the wide world has never ceased to inspire me. - Our Grandmothers, Our Selves, May 25, 2017

Forget Coloring—Give This Grown-up a Dot-to-Dot

What a relief to sit with a pen and a book and focus on something I can’t possibly do wrong., April 2016 

How Coloring—Without My Son—Became My Meditation Practice

While my son sleeps, I settle down at my desk with colored pencils and an intricate tangle of shapes. Forget staying inside the lines—for me, coloring is a form of meditation. - Jewish Boston, January 2015

We Took the Family Trip of a Lifetime, and Then We Lost the Camera

One distracted moment lost us a thousand precious photos, but reminded us of what we’re lucky enough to bring home from our trip., June 17, 2014

Up From the Ashes: A Family Story Unearthed

When my great-grandparents’ cremated remains were disinterred because they’d broken Jewish law, I had to ask myself if I still wanted to be a member of the tribe that was kicking them out. - The Forward, February 2008

Lucky/Cursed: The Mixed Emotions of a Military Wife

Nearing the end of his military commitment, my husband was sent to the Middle East. What’s a wife to feel? Everything. -, October 2003

Coming Around to Mister Rogers

I finally see the simple beauty of the man my mother tried to get me to love as a child. And he’s making me look more kindly around my own neighborhood. -, May 2005